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The hour hand swings. It is a sign of the rotation of the earth for twenty-fourths.

A momentary surfacing of the unconscious that can sink back into the depths.

You are reading, and the surrounding air, it has no pressure. "Something you've cherished".

The sock is broken. I had noticed this earlier, but one day I truly realized there was a damn hole in this sock.

The prevailing temperature is the temperature of exhalation - barely exactly anything. Memories are flooding in. Intentions are rising.

The gaze moves to the corner of the room. Lists bend to vanishing points according to perspective. Stimuli drain the experienced, but something is breaking through:

It arrived like a picture: a work, I didn't ask for it or expect it. Memories are flooding in. Intentions rise. Yesterday? Tomorrow? You remember and predict.

When I spit on the salad bar? A week after I spit on the salad bar?

The original concept of the exhibition invented by artist Hermanni Härmälä is the misspelled word suddenly. It reflects a sense of astonishment, surprise, but is also open to uncertainty and failure to interpret the event. What does the confused statement of the moment refer to?

The works in the Yhtäkiä exhibition create lasting possibilities and raise questions related to the materiality of contemporary art. Can permanent and processual works also be objects? And what are the traces left by the performative works and happenings? What are the conditions for truly experiencing a work if the work is based on modification and its "own life"?

The theme of the exhibition is also the exploration of possibilities and consequences brought about by suddenness: What does that moment contain? What does it make possible, contingent, and impossible? Is it possible to experience the work as a coincidence? What kind of attitude do melting or perishing works require for their experience?

In the Yhtäkiä exhibition, the works are in a fermenting state and open in different ways depending on the visitor's visit.

Nine young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts' art fields of painting, sculpture and time and space participate in the Suhduhnle exhibition. The artists have also organized as a working group the exhibitions Inhale a Nail (2021) and exits exist (2022) in Vapaan Taiteen Tila.

The exhibition's working group has invited the Bebetton art initiative, formed by Jani Anders Purhonen and Eeva Rönkä to the exhibition. Bebetton's work usually combines a peculiar creativity and the possibility of participation. An example is their long-standing interest in winemaking and its processes. Their works have been exhibited at SIC Space, Titanik gallery in Turku and Monitoimitila O.

Along with Bebetton working croup has invented Samuel Thompson-Plant to the exhibition. Thompson-Plant lives in Great Britain and has graduated from Loughborough University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Thompson-Plant has also studied as an exchange student at the Academy of Fine Arts in the academic year 2019–2020. In their multimedia work, they have dealt with perspectives dealing with the experience of consciousness. They have participated the Artists Benevolent Fund residency program financed by Loughborough University.

Writer and curator Nimco Kulmiye Hussein has also been invited to the exhibition. Together with Joonas Pulkkinen, a Praxis master's student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Hussein is responsible for the exhibition's curation and curatorial texts.

*"Suhduhnle I'm not half what I used to be."*


Bebetton (Jani Anders Purhonen and Eeva Rönkä)
Milja Havas
Lina Herrmans
Hermanni Härmälä
Aarne Kivelä
Lassi Kontiainen
David Nabel
Aala Nyman
Sara Rantanen
Samuel Thompson-Plant


Nimco Kulmiye Hussein is a London-based curator and writer who works at the intersection of research, culture, and art. Their approach is based on postcolonial and queer-feminist theories and actively focuses on participatory practices that bring people together around critical, current, and relevant themes. Kulmiye Hussein has completed a master's degree at Aalto University's School of Arts and Design and Central Saint Martins in the field of culture, criticism, and curation.

Joonas Pulkkinen is a student, author, curator and postal worker in the Praxis master's program at the Fine Arts Academy of the University of the Arts. Pulkkinen's starting points for working as a curator are related to the openness of the curator's role, critical theory and the social-ecological sustainability of artwork in the present. He is interested in the possibilities of resistance and self-understanding in contemporary art. In addition to the Praxis master's program, Pulkkinen has studied philosophy and aesthetics at the University of Helsinki.


Exhibition opening

Opening of the exhibition on Thursday 3 August from 17:00 to 19:00.

Activating the artwork of the Bebetton art initiative, importing the last ingredient of the work and starting the video installation. The work may contain event elements within the exhibition's opening hours.

Sara Rantanen's performance about the distillation process at around 17:30. Lasts circa 10 minutes.

Finissage 27.8.

On the last day of the exhibition, August 27, sound and music performance by Aarne Kivelä at 16:00.